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Question by  Disneyphan (529)

What can you do about car scratches?


Answer by  Grag (452)

Get the paint code from the drivers side door. Itwill say ext paint and then go to a parts store and get the paint that matches that paint code. Cover scratch with paint.


Answer by  twitchard (143)

You can buff out the area with a high speed buffer, available at most big box retailers or auto part stores. You can also rent this equipment from some better known chains. You can also touch up the scratches with touch up paint; see your vehicles manual for color code.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Light scratches typically buffed out but heavier ones must be sanded and polished out. You should buy a book or research online to find the exact process required. Otherwise you risk damaging you paint permanently.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Light scratches can be sanded and polished out. However if the scratch is deep enough to catch your fingernail then it need to be repainted.


Answer by  pilotman (158)

If it is small, buy matching paint and cover the scratch. If it is deep, seek professional help, it will need alot of help.


Answer by  kqwik (317)

Minor scratches can be buffed out with buffing compoun and a good buffer. Deep scratches must be painted and should be done by a pro. Also be careful with a professional buffer. If the speed is not set properly you can remove the wanted paint from your car as well as the unwanted scratch.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

depending on how bad the scratches are you can buff them out yourself or you might have to find a professional detailer, start off with a light polish and see

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