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Question by  JulieT44 (12)

What can I do to prevent scar tissue after surgery?


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Whether or not your skin scars depends on your type of skin. With the Doctor's approval, moisturizers containing vitamin E can help. Be sure to let it heal up first.


Answer by  worker7557 (25)

Scar tissue can easily be prevented following surgery. After your incision heals completly you should apply a vitamin E ointment to the site or use a coccoa butter lotion.


Answer by  workoutchamp (103)

You will always get a little bit of scar tissue, thats just part of healing. Vitamin E and lots of water helps to keep the elasticity in your skin thus leaving less scar tissue. Vitamin E can be purchased in lotion form from most drug stores. If you really want you can also get collagen.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

It can never be completely prevented, but to minimize it, follow your doctor's after care instructions to the letter even if it's uncomfortable to do so, and keep the area clean and try to prevent infection. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling surgical area. The greater risk of infection, the greater risk of major scar formation.


Answer by  wyeth (435)

Maintaining pressure on the wound for several months using special adhesive silicone sheet dressings is the only proven method of reducing scar buildup following surgery. Take Care to prevent infection for the first 2 weeks after your operation by soap and water hand washing before and after changing dressings;avoiding baths,pools,hot tubs and spas;and touching wounds as little as possible.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

There is not much that you can do to prevent scar tissue. Scar tissue grows on the inside. They have to cut through muscle in order to do surgery. It's alot like when you cut your finger and have a small scar you can see. After surgery the scars grow on the inside, there is nothing you can do.


Answer by  HI81 (22)

Keep moving the affected area as much as the doctor allows at first. Afterwards, massaging the area will help, as well as taking a Gotu Kola supplement.

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