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Question by  mark11572 (16)

What can I do to fix my lawnmower blades which cut unevenly?


Answer by  KevinLSt3t (120)

Check to see if blades are bent. Make sure that your tires are equally inflated. If all that is right then check and level your deck from where it hangs.


Answer by  Wade (168)

Your blade isn't balanced properly. You will need to remove the blade, then use a cone shaped device to see which side is heavier. File down (sharpen) that side.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The first thing you need to do is make sure they are sharpened evenly and that there are no chips or chunks taken out of the blades if there are chunks out of them you need to replace the blades or you can do a net search and it will give you alot more information.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

Most of the time when blades cut uneven it is due to being bend. All you need to do is replace blades and mower should cut fine.


Answer by  ace (237)

you have to take the blade of put on a bench and spin the blade if it girates unevenly you have to file abit of

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