Question by  electricguy (62)

What can I do so people won't call me a frump?

i don't know where to start.


Answer by  Kristin97 (149)

It should be easy to pick classic, stylish clothes that don't stray far from your current wardrobe but that are not frumpy. Start with classic jeans or black pants. Choose a wider leg, not a mom-jean taper! Pair with a casual jacket or sweater set. Easy!


Answer by  Melissa81 (90)

Being labeled as a "frump" typically means that your clothes are out of style, or look too ordinary. Most department stores have all the latest styles, just don't overdo it.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

The key to not being frumpy is to wear proper fitting clothing. Try on different sizes till you find the correct size that compliments your body.

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