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Question by  emon (27)

What can I do if my Playstation 2 keeps freezing up?

This happens all the time while I am playing.


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

If a ps2 keeps freezing, it depends on if it is the slim or the fat ps2. The slim ps2 tends to collect more dust than the fast ps2 mainly because of its mother board. If the mother board becomes smothered with dust, then it will cause the ps2 to have issues and have causes during games or movies.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

First, check if the media is not defective. Look for scratches or cuts on the disc surface. If the disc is OK then try to play another disc or game. If the problem still occurs then perhaps it is time for you to have your gear examined by a qualified technician or returned to the store (if its still warrantied).


Answer by  fretlord420 (89)

Make sure your disc is clean. Sometimes turning your PS2 on it's side can fix freezing. If it freezes on every game the laser might be out of sync.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if it is freezing constantly. there seems to be some kind of defect. How long have you had it for? Did you spill anything into the system? Are you sure its just not that game that is freezing up all the time? It could be just the game so retry.


Answer by  Shreyansh (236)

Freezing or hanging can be quite normal in some games in PS2 but if all of your games freezes every time then there could be some issue with the hardware. You can try using some clean & new games & if then also you get the same issue you can take your PS2 to the service center.


Answer by  mturk9856 (26)

A good option would be to restore it to factory settings, which you can do on the main menu. Also, try cleaning the disk and laser.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

Your lense is probably dirty. You can purchase lense cleaners from most electronics stores. If that does not work, it may be that you need a new lense.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

First, make sure it isn't the disc that is scratched or dirty; if it is, then clean it. You can try using one of those air dust blowers and spray it into the disc part of the PS2. If that doesn't work, try turning the PS2 sideways.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have the exact same problem with some of my games! I got DMC3 yesterday and just like my CoD3 game it freezes, but the disc is clean and scratch free


Answer by  Wolfgirl (2)

I was playing Legends of Dragoon on my ps2 and about, 30 min. later it froze! any tips?

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