Question by  dannystanks73 (14)

What can I do for my dog who is throwing up and has diarrhea?


Answer by  lbauman1222 (130)

Do not feed or water your dog for a day,start on some sugar water and go to cooked rice,chicken and COOKED eggs.Could be a virus.If your dog is on medication that could do it as well,if this doesn't help seek veterinary care!


Answer by  scott63 (140)

Giving a dog rice wlii usually cure diarrhea. Cook the rice about half an hour before feeding the dog so that it is slightly warmer than room temperature. Next, mix it with his food, trying smaller amounts at first, and increase as needed. This can also assist in his digestive system.


Answer by  Jas (33)

Take the dog to the vet, there may be an underlying reason for the diarrhea. Ensure good hydration. Observe good hand hygiene when cleaning stool to prevent spread of bacteria.


Answer by  aritra01 (17)

Cut the amount of food into half. and make sure its a bland diet. also add yogurt to the food as it contians bacteria which is helpful for digestion.

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