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Question by  Willf239 (6)

What can I do about my Chevy Blazer overheating and transmission problems?


Answer by  iceborn (15)

Please check oil levels, first, and lubrication on transmission. If there is a smell of iron, don't run the car, get it to a shop on a towtruck.


Answer by  Joatmon (39)

Your Transmission & overheating problem are probably the same issue, check for blockage of air flow and have your radiator flushed and also check the water pump and fan .


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Have the transmission serviced by a professional. Overheating could be caused by many minor irritations. Check and refill antifreeze if necessary (be sure resevoir is clean). Inspect your grill, any obvious cracks or leaks? Check guages and engine air filter for addtional troubleshooting.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

Check to ensure that you have enough coolant in your radiator. Also check for leaks. Then if you have no leaks, flush your radiator, it may have buildup that isn't letting the anti-freeze to cool the engine. Also check your water pump. As for the transmission, check the linkage and fluid. If it smells burned, take it to a mechanic.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

Some basic things you can do when Your Chevy blazer overheats is to Wait until the blazer cools off. Then put water in the car or coolant.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

well ... i think that not much ... if it is old , you should buy another car to resolve all


Answer by  vineethmm (16)

There is a technical service bulletin 99-06-02-012d. What you need to do is buy a cooling system cleaning kit. Prestone flush kit af-kitp. What happens is the coolant gets rusty and plugs the system up. This kit will take care of your problem but you have to follow the instructions per the kit very carefully.


Answer by  subash (67)

Overheating and coolant loss may be due to rough surface on radiator filler neck. Neck should be sanded smooth and cap replaced.


Answer by  94maro (20)

One thing you can try is to flush your anti freeze and replace it with new anti freeze to see if that helps cool it at all.


Answer by  aj20 (29)

The fisrt plast to look would be fluids, the second would be at the cooling fans in the engine, the problem might be linked.


Answer by  Chris22 (95)

Overheating can be a thermostat, low antifreeze, or bad antifreeze mix. Pull thermostat out and replace, is cheap part and easy to replace. Transmission has nothing to do with over heating, and will be fixed by rebuilding or replacing transmission.

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