Question by  Susan49 (2)

What can I do about my baby not sleeping in his crib?

I want to just be able to put in to bed and not worry.


Answer by  JohnDoe322333 (17)

Be consistent! Put your baby in his crib at the same time each night. He will quickly learn what the routine is.


Answer by  mneu (42)

If you are filled with worry/anxiety your child will be also, so try taking it gradually. Sit near the crib until they are asleep and move further away each night.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Start putting your baby in the crib for nap and everytime the baby falls a sleep. Soon the baby will learn that the crib is the place to sleep. Make sure the crib is free from clutter and hazards. Sometimes an interesting toy your baby likes works better than the standard crib mobile.


Answer by  sobroke79 (126)

Place the baby in his crib, when the baby begin to cry, don't immediately rush back in the room.Let the baby cry until he fall asleep.

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