Question by  terry040 (16)

What can I do about a leaking vinyl window frame?


Answer by  Jim21 (177)

Clean up and recaulk the perimeter of the window. Caulk all joints where the frames meet together, although all joints are factory welded. If the frame itself is leaking, you can caulk over where water is coming from, but it will look horrible. Use a clear caulk.


Answer by  Halpern (63)

When vinyl window frames are installed, they should be "wrapped" - sealed to the frame of the house. If wrapped improperly, they will leak, necessitating re-wrapping. Properly wrapped windows that leak can be caulked with silicon to seal them against leaks.


Answer by  cookfeser (34)

The simplest way to fix a leaking vinyl window frame is (depending on the gap of the leak)to buy a good silicone based caulking and fill in the gap with it. If the gap exceeds 1/4 inch, an expanding foam would be best to use first. Then caulk over it.


Answer by  Al92 (105)

I would buy some clear RTV silicone adhesive sealant. That should be a cheap fix that lasts a good while.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

try recaulking or resealing it. if it continues to leak you will need to take out the whole window, dry the frame and put it back into place with sealant


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Seal the window frame very thoroughly. Latex caulk is a good and cheap product for this. If you have a little more money available, get the best possible sealant and that is 100% silicone. Make sure that you pay special attention to the top part of the window when sealing the frame.

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