guinea pigs


Question by  Kittala (61)

What can be done for a guinea pig whom is losing his teeth?


Answer by  Edward33 (41)

The best thing for a guinea pig after it loses its teeth is to make sure it has plenty of food that is softer than the conventional guinea pig food. Examples could include lettuce, parsley, thin slices of cucumber, and thin apple slices. Make sure he/she also has plenty of water.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

Take it to an exotics vet who is experienced with rodents (not an ordinary vet). Teeth are a sensitive area that require professional attention.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

You will have to handfeed (pellet mashed with water or critical care), and cut up veg small enough for him to eat. And make an appointment with an EXOTICS vet.


Answer by  killermike (176)

Nothing needs to be done for this as rodents teeth do not ever stop growing for the duration of the animals entire life. So while it is possible for a guinea to lose its teeth, it won't lose them for long.

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