Question by  scott63 (140)

What are the smallest lightweight computers on the market today?

I would like to find a small lightweight computer.


Answer by  mattinatux (29)

Netbooks are the smallest computers for consumers. The Eee PC by Asus was the first of this type; HP and others have since followed with their own models.


Answer by  mld4165 (28)

There are many small and light weight computers that are on the market today. They range from netbooks running Linux or Windows XP, the Apple AIR laptop, and lightweight notebooks from varios suppliers such as Dell, HP, and others. Several small form factor desktops are also available from Acer, MSI Wind, and the Dell Studio Hybrid.


Answer by  Alex10 (58)

If you want to use this in the office, I can suggest you to buy a MacMini or a MacMini clone, or if you want to use the computer on train or on any other thing, you should buy a netbook. These are the smaller computers on the market now.


Answer by  javaman09 (180)

I have an 8 inch Dell netbook with Windows Vista Home on it. The screen is small, but it had very good quality.

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