Question by  darce (125)

What are the rules of the ping pong game?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

The rules of ping pong are pretty simple. The other player will hit the ball onto your side of the table. The ball must bounce only once and you must hit it back. If you do not hit it back they get a point. If they hit the ball and it does not bounce than you get a point.


Answer by  animatoring (10)

Steps to winning a ping pong match include hitting a ball with a racket past a nest to another player until they miss the ball. When you have successfully passed the ball over the net and the other player has missed you have earned a point.


Answer by  edgemaster (12)

It's a mini-version of tennis with each player having a paddle and you hit a little plastic ball back and forth over a net.First player to 21 wins.

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