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What are the Nevada gaming regulations?


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Nevada is probably the most liberal state when it comes to gaming regulations. If you wish to start new business or have gaming machines or gambling games inside a home, bar or restaurant, consult your local jurisdiction for proper permission, permits and inspections. They are fairly easy to obtain but can result in excessive fines if not approved first.


Answer by  ishmin (17)

There are two types of gaming regulations in Nevada. The first is restricted which specifies 15 or less gaming devices like slot machines and NO tables at one location. The second, is unrestricted and is for over 15 gaming devices inclusive of tables, slots,race book or sports pool at one location.


Answer by  Deb48 (88)

Nevada gaming regulations are publicized online in a number of places. The most reliable of these is undoubtedly any website ending in. gov, which would be written and maintained by the State of Nevada. The State of Nevada maintains a website specifically regarding laws and regulations upheld by the Nevada Gaming Commission and the State Gaming Control Board.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Nevada gaming regulations govern the activities of gambling. Strictly enforced rules and regulations that keep the industry running and keep people at the gambling tables. When it comes to money and gambling, regulations are obviously needed to keep Nevada rolling. Gaming regulations apply to all aspects of gambling industry in the state.


Answer by  Dyerdebra4 (9)

The Nevada gaming regulations are state required gaming statutes that every gambling facility in the state of Nevada should abide by.


Answer by  Charles (15)

The Nevada gaming regulations include license to operate legal gaming facility. The facility will determine how many machines or tables is allow to operate in the facility. Different gaming will need to obtain different license.

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