Question by  k9bubbles (74)

What are the "Four Ps" when talking about a Marketing Mix Strategy?


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

The four Ps are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Product is about what kind of product you want to sell (quantity, color, flavors etc.).Place is about your target market. Price decides whether you want to sell high-end or low-end product (mass production). Promotion is all about advertising and public relation.


Answer by  ambermalik (7)

The Marketing mix strategy comprises of four important tools to acquire optimal results from the target market.To gain an extra edge over its competitors a company must have vivid insight of the market and deploy its Four Ps effectively; these include the "Product" with a competitive "Price" targeted at the right "Place" and "Promoted" extensively within all available resources.


Answer by  CLEV (405)

The "Four P's" are, while the order may vary upon who you are asking, "product," "place," "price," and "promotion." These four terms essentially cover all the bases in a successful strategy.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

The "Four Ps" in Marketing are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. They should give answer to the following questions: What kind of product do you want to sell? Where /how are you going to bring your product to the market? (distribution) How should be the price strategy? (e.g. cash cow) How do you want to promote your product? (advertising)

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