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Question by  cromertre (79)

What are the four forms of Deoxys Pokemon?


Answer by  mxninja (35)

The 4 forms of Deoxys Pokemon are Ruby sapphire, which is normal mode. The next is for attack and it's the Fire Red version. The Leaf Green form is for defense purposes. And last is the Emerald version which it uses for speed. Each of these versions Deoxys uses for different things.


Answer by  smagat (11)

The four forms for Deoxys are Normal form, Attack form, Defense form, and Speed form. You can change the form of Deoxys by going to the meteroites in Veilstone City. Each form has a different appearence, and its attack and defense are different. Normal is average, Attack has a higher attack, Defense has a higher defense, and Speed is faster.


Answer by  Rob45 (99)

The Pokemon Deoxys has four different forms. Those forms include Normal Form, Speed Form, Attack Form, and Defense Form. You can change his form by going to Veilstone City and go to the meteors there. All forms are similar in someway. Speed is fast, Attack is strong, Defense is weak, and Normal is a mix of all of those.


Answer by  EatBugs (18)

The four forms of Deoxys are, speed, defense, attack and normal. Speed makes him faster, or raises speed stats. Defense raises his defense stat, Attack raises attack. Normal is his normal self!

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