Question by  mark62 (9)

What are the disadvantages of cloning?

I only see advantages.


Answer by  symister (47)

The disadvantages of cloning are 1) if it becomes widespread it will lead to a reduction in genetic diversity in the species and genetic diversity is important to the survival of any species 2) because cloning uses an original egg that is already mature, the new clone might have genetic markers of aging.


Answer by  science2 (6)

One disadvantage may be overcrowding, because the natural order of birth and death would be disrupted. Another possibility is that clones would become "part factories" for individuals who would like to have perfect donors if they would one day need some sort of transplant. This of course may never occur, but it is a disadvantageous possibility.


Answer by  Chemist47 (189)

Generally speaking, shortsightedness in the procedure or poor choice of genetic stock could allow for varieties with poorer quality or that are more poorly adapted than naturally selected organisms.


Answer by  Dave2560 (204)

Many people simply have an issue of morality with cloning. It is a common belief among religious people that only gods should be able to create life on a whim.


Answer by  prexie999 (0)

The clone could cop an attitude and you could not control the clone.Like have a temper ,reak havoc with others just because they can and know you might be blamed instead of the clone

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