Question by  esthersarahthomas (54)

What are the different types of pc memory sticks?

I need to understand more about pc memory sticks.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

These are : PCMCIA (Type I/Type II/Type III), CompactFlash, Secure Digital Card (SDRAM), MultiMediaCard, Sony Memory Sticks, Memory Stick Micro, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO DUO, SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, Reduced Size Multimedia Card, MMCmicro Card, Universal Flash Storage, Serial Flash Module, miniSD card, microSD card, MagicGate Memory Stick, Secure Digital High-Speed, SIM card, Smart card, etc.


Answer by  MladenTrajkov (29)

There are a lot of different kinds. There are flash drive or also known as UBS drives. Also you have the DVD and the CD drive. You can use the blue tooth, and the infrared too, but they are not that much usual. You can use the floppy disk as a memory stick too.


Answer by  puckettgw (118)

There are 3 main types of PC memory used today. One is DDR (dual data rate) -- this is used in older (mid 90s to early 2000s) pc's and is the slowest type available. Next is DDR2 (twice as fast as DDR, because it synchronizes twice while DDR synchronizes once.) The fastest is DDR3 (three times the synchs of DDR.)


Answer by  leetbeard (41)

PC memory sticks or RAM comes in a variety of different technologies. DDR and even SD-RAM are the oldest, followed by DDR2 and DDR3, also RD-RAM was a short lived memory spec. They don't fit into the same slots and the type of RAM that you would buy for a computer is based upon the slots available on the motherboard.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) are given the followings as types of memory card for PC. There are three types of memory stick available according to standard. 3.3 mm thick type I memory stick 5.5 mm thick type II memory stick 10.5 mm thick type III memory stick


Answer by  mahes (32209)

# type I cards - up to 3. 3 mm type II cards - up to 5. 5 mm thick. type III cards - up to 10. 5 mm thick,


Answer by  IAB (141)

Some of the types of memory sticks, (also known as RAM) are DDR, DDR2, SDRAM, and there are a few others that are available only in large sizes.

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