Question by  Joyce75 (25)

What are the different types of energy in Pokemon?


Answer by  Iro (7)

There is Fighting, Water, Fire, Grass, Steel, Darkness, Psychic and Electric. However, there are more pokémon types than energy types. For example, Pikachu is an Electric pokémon. Other examples in other types are Bulbasaur, a Grass pokémon, Charmander which is a Fire pokémon, and also Squirtle, a water pokémon.


Answer by  Yamizero (77)

There are many different types of energy. The different types of energy in the pokemon card game are Lightening, water, fire, leaf, ground, dark, steel, and normal. There are also cards like double normal or cards with energy that also can be used to heal an injured pokemon. I hoped this helped you.


Answer by  talhadetho (106)

If you are talking about the card game, there are fire, water, grass, lightning, dark,metal, fighting, colourless, Double colourless,psychic,rainbow,Double rainbow,Dark metal,boost,Heal,scramble,magma,aqua and multi energy cards.There are also some holo-foil versions.


Answer by  Lolo (11)

There is water, fire, physic, fighting, normal, and grass. This is just for the card game. In the video games there are 17 different types of pokemon "energy". They are classified by the different types of pokemon.


Answer by  therealnapster (107)

There are eight different, but very basic energy types found in Pokemon games and trading cards alike. The eight different energy types are as follows: fire, fighting, grass, electric, psychic, water, darkness, and steel. Darkness and steel were specialty energy types until the Diamond and Pearl expansion set. After the release of this set, they were basic energy types.


Answer by  AndyV (1)

The types are Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Dark, Metal, Fighting, Colorless, Double colorless, Psychic, Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Dark metal, Boost, Heal, Scramble, Magma, Aqua and Multi Energy. The types that came out before the expansion are Fighting, Water, Fire, Grass, Steel, Darkness, Psychic and Electric.

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