guinea pigs


Question by  MaryR (46)

What are the different guinea pig species?


Answer by  costessey (39)

The domestic guinea pig species is Calvia porcellus and although related to are distinct from the three wild guinea pig species of Cavia aperea, Calvia fulgida and Calvia tschudii.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

There are many different breeds: tufty Abyssinians, smooth-haired Americans, Coronets, Crested cavies, long-haired Peruvians and Shelties, fuzzy Teddies and Rexes, wavy-haired Texels and two types of hairless guinea pigs: skinny pigs with a few tufts on the nose/feet and totally bald Baldwins. As for the many coat/pattern varieties: brindle, agouti, dalmatian, dutch, roan, himalayan, satins, selfs and tortiseshell/tortiseshell and white.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

There are many different breeds of guinea pig, for example: abyssinians, shelties, rexes, teddies, peruvians, coronets, crested guinea pigs, American/English smooth coats, alpacas (boucle), texels, skinny pigs and baldwins. There are also many different names for coat varieties and colouring.


Answer by  killermike (176)

There are three common species of guinea pig typically found in the pet store. The long hair, the short hair, and the abynissian.

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