Question by  worker6767 (11)

What are the difference in polarized and non polarized capacitors?

I need help with polarized and non polarized capacitors.


Answer by  bharathi (22)

Polarized capacitors are typically large devices known as electrolytic type. Non-polarized are similar to polarized except the plates are similar metal. Polarized caps are typically used in large voltage situations such as DC line. Non-polarized capacitors are typically used in low voltage situations, both AC and DC.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

A capacitor is two "plates" separated by an insulator. To make a polarized capacitor, electricity is passed through a "chemical mixture" between the two plates. The current changes the chemicals to make an insulating layer. If current is passed in the other direction, the insulator breaks down.


Answer by  marktho (56)

In polarized capacitors there is already separation of charges but in non polarized capacitors it is possible after applying the electric supply also. So we can say that polarized capacitors have better effeciency as compared to the non polarized capacitors. Also the current rating of polarized capacitors is higher then the non polarized one.

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