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Question by  rakastan (37)

What are the best ways to stop the bleeding after a tooth was pulled?


Answer by  ryan506 (18)

Inserting a soft compress made of clean gauze into the space where the tooth was previously located is the best way to stop bleeding from a tooth socket after a pull. Once the bleeding has stopped, gently rinsing the mouth with warm salt water can help soothe the site of the pull and will help prevent infection.


Answer by  sinemasiren (95)

The best way to stop the bleeding after a tooth has been pulled is to pack the hole tightly with sterile gauze or, barring availability, a tampon. The idea is to have material to soak up the blood until it stops bleeding and then gingerly remove the material and rinse with cold salt water to keep from re-bleeding.


Answer by  Dan18 (32)

The best ways is to put a medical cotton ball over the area and bite down to apply pressure. Once the cotton ball has been soaked with blood, replace it with a new one. After several minutes, you can remove it and drink cold water. For children, eating ice cream is a good option!


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, the "bite down on gauze to apply pressure" didn't stop the bleeding, so I used moistened tea bags. The tannic acid helps clotting. Don't rinse, spit or suck anything for a day and avoid hot liquids; all of which can dislodge clots. If still bleeding after 24 hours, contact your dentist.

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