Question by  loneranger (47)

What are the best ways to hold a pool stick?


Answer by  e36 (170)

Grip the back of the pool cue with your left hand, and rest the pool cue on your right hand, fingers together and thumb outstretched, with the pool cue going between your thumb and forefinger - use this hand to steady the pool cue and help you aim, and then push with your left hand to hit the ball.


Answer by  babilot (158)

If your a righty, make your left hand to look as if you were wearing a mitten so all 4 fingers are touching and the thumb is out. Drop your thumb down a little and place the pool stick in the crease between your index and thumb nuckle. Put your pinky side on the table and your all set.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

If you are right handed, your right hand should be towards the back of the cue to control the force you hit with while your left will steady the end of the cue and most people set the cue ontop of their middle finger and wrap their pointer finger over that for control at the front.

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