Question by  Cara (72)

What are the best senior scooters?

I need to get a scooter for my mother.


Answer by  Vel (15)

Honda Activa 4 Stroke, Single Cyloinder, 109 CC Engine 8bhp @ 7500 rpm Self Kick 5. 3 ltrs Tank capacity tyre size - 90/100-10 53J Battery - 12V 5Ah Headlamp - 35/35W Halogen


Answer by  fhahghag (190)

The honda activa is the best scooter that a mother can use. Thus you should be getting a honda scooter. That would be the best scooter to give to your mom.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

I'd say the best scooter for a senior would be a suzuki burgman 400. They have enough power to get around town, they are light/manuverable, not to small, and have a windsheild to lessen the strain at cruising speeds


Answer by  mike49 (373)

An electric scooter would provide mobility like a wheelchair. They don't look at all like a wheelchair. They have seats that covers two rear wheels, a place to rest your feet, and handlebars. Very stylish. Small electric sit down motor scooters are really helping seniors that have problems getting around.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Really I wouldn't recommend any scooter for an older person. To ride one you really need to have good reflexes to avoid the many cars that neglect your presence.

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