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Question by  livegive (15)

What are the best pets to have?


Answer by  markelli (53)

The best pet to have is a cat. You don't have to take it outside constantly. You don't have to worry about playing with it all the time. It will be your pal for life and not turn on you at some point. It will not bark and disturb everyone.


Answer by  Kat76 (475)

It really depends on what type of pet you are longing for. If you are looking for a low-maintenance companion, a feline would probably be your best best. They clean themselves, use a litter box, and are loving.


Answer by  ally12345 (11)

i prefer dogs dogs because they are fun to look after and they will love you until they die


Answer by  Anonymous

Cat is the best choice to have because cat is easy to take care of.


Answer by  Avria (187)

Having a bowl of gold fish is the best pet to have. All you have to do is feed the fish in the morning. Remember not to feed the fish too much and to change the water in the bowl the bowl regularly. You can spend hours together just watching them swim around.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

I think dogs and cats are the best pets because cats are easy to take care of and dogs love to play and love to cuddle on a lap.


Answer by  Jingris21 (65)

Dogs are the best pets to have because they are usually very friendly and most of them are mellow. They truly are a man's best friend. It's great to always have a dog around.

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