Question by  michaelm (29)

What are the best freshwater aquarium fishes?


Answer by  Tank (539)

There are many beautiful fish in the freshwater categories. Some of my all time favorites are cardinal tetras, rummy nose tetras, harlequin rasbora, clown loach and cory cat fish. They are all peaceful and can be kept together. Good Luck!


Answer by  mctrixie12 (83)

There are several but I'm partial to tetras. They get along will with other fish, are easy to care for, and come in a variety of styles and colors. Guppies are another easy, mild-mannered fish but these multiply quickly!


Answer by  Zach96 (43)

The easiest fish to care for are gold fish but if your are looking for color like you have a salt water tank cichlids are the best fish to provide an assortment of color.


Answer by  abby39 (213)

That largely depends on what type of fish people prefer. The most common types are goldfish, cichlids, platys, mollies, guppies, tetras, gouramis and catfish. Not all of these species can be housed together, but most do well with their own kind.

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