Question by  Smile24x7 (35)

What are some tips fro learning badminton?

It seems like a fun game for all ages.


Answer by  Harvey (112)

The direction of your racket is the direction the shuttlecock will go. No need to hit the shuttlecock hard, it is more about placement on the other side. Always try to hit the shuttlecock over the net while staying within the boundaries.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

It is vital that you keep your eye on the birdie, and if you are doing doubles, to work on it as a team. Do not just do everything on your own.


Answer by  Syron (79)

As a beginner, you'd need to get used to hitting the birdie first. Otherwise you'd miss it all the time. Using other hand to aim it may help in this regard.


Answer by  vadge (13)

learning badminton, basically you need a good footwork on playing badminton, and a better sidesteps, and a stamina that will last until several rounds, expect the running and sweat from the body on playing these kind of game, also badminton is the best training before you play tennis.

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