Question by  Kristin23 (24)

What are some tips for hunting and cleaning rabbits?

I'm into small game.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Never hunt rabbit in the spring, they may contain parasites in their flesh. When hunting rabbits if you shoot and miss stay put, rabbits if startled tend to run in a circle returning to the original spot


Answer by  Ashlockheart (116)

Being quite is the best thing you can do when you are hunting. Rabbits are great lisseners so any sound, and there will run away quick. As for cleaning them. make sure you take out ever bullet if you are useing a shot gun. Because the last thing you want is to swallow a beebee.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

The best thing that you can do in hunting a rabbit is be quite.Rabbit can hear even a little bit of sounds around them.


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

To catch a rabbit set up live humane traps, or snares to catch it. Do not hunt baby rabbits because they have not had a chance to grow up yet.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

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