Question by  Wolverine (42)

What are some romantic games?

I am planning a very special romantic evening.


Answer by  jamilea (238)

A very romantic game to play is buying 20 index cards. On 10 cards, write all the ways you can touch. On the other 10 cards, write all the places you can touch. Take turns drawing one from each pile!


Answer by  Marvi (6)

One of the most romantic games that i have played with my boy friend is that we act like total strangers and flirt with each other. This way we can rejuvenate our love life since we get to experience the whole " meeting some one new again". We sometimes end up telling each other really interesting stuff.


Answer by  pambam (892)

I think it's both romantic as well as bonding for the couple to make up a lot of questions like "When is the time you have felt the most happy?" or "Who was the most influential person in your life when you were 12?" and take turn answering them.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You can always play a more adult version of truth or dare. Just make sure all the questions and dares have a romantic theme.

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