Question by  Brad51 (83)

What are some recipes for a small crockpot?

I love to use a crockpot but just got this small one.


Answer by  yael (482)

Anything made in a large crockpot can be made in a small one. I like putting in pieces of chicken with barley, carrot, celery, onion, and garlic. I add water and wine and have a meal at the end of the day.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I like to cut up a whole chicken and put it in the crockpot with a little water and my favorite BBQ sauce and cook for about eight hours.


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

I would think you could use regular crockpot recipes, just scale down the recipe to be enough for a single serving or however many servings your small crockpot holds. I would go to the Allrecipes website and do a search on crockpot recipes, then use the Calculate button to scale down the recipe. Good luck!


Answer by  belle39 (966)

A turkey sausage and chicken chili is a good idea. In your crockpot, place two pounds of turkey sausage, two pounds of cut boneless chicken breasts, one-half cup of jalapeno peppers, two chopped onions, three cups of chopped celery, a third cup of green onions, two cloves of garlic, two cups of chicken stock and a jar of tomato sauce.

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