Question by  alexacalhoun (17)

What are some of the responsibilities of the groom's parents?


Answer by  sarah72 (61)

Traditionally, groom's parents have been expected to pay for certain parts of the wedding, such as the rehearsal dinner, the ring for the bride, and the flowers and bouquets for the wedding party--just to name a few.


Answer by  NishaNeeraj (66)

Its the responsibility of the groom's parents to attend their guests and see to it that these guests / relatives are properly introduced to the bride's relatives. The groom's parents should give respect to the bride's family members thereby they can command respect for themselves.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The grooms parents are responsible for paying for the rehearsal dinner, the tux's for the bridal party and the honey moon. However with today's changes in the economy the groom is often helping to pay for the wedding.


Answer by  grr1067 (19)

The responsibilities of the groom's parents vary widely according to religious tradition and the particular dynamics of the couple and their families.

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