Question by  DIXIE16 (4)

What are some of the disadvantages of VOIP?

I've heard things about interruptions in service.


Answer by  NIB (42)

Voip quality is affected by the speed and latency of your internet connection. Some faxes aren't compatible with specific VOIP implementations. VOIP requires electrical power in order to work.


Answer by  mkecir (17)

Even though I do not have a VOIP phone line at home, I have observed problems when trying to contact VOIP numbers. Typical problems are long times for establishing the connection, including a total failure to build up the connection at all. Also, i often had low quality of transmitted speach, to the point of being unable to understand anything


Answer by  Damienbr (31)

VOIP mens Voice Over IP, so you may experience bad sound quality, Interruptions during blackouts and since you are using an IP, emergency services can't locate your call.

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