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Question by  andegwa (26)

What are some of the best features of the Punta Canna Resort?

I am considering staying there.


Answer by  ravensoffspring (412)

Probably the proximity to the beaches (it's right there) and the fact that it's such a comforting place, plus there's always nice weather there, you'll love it.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

There aren't one or two good features. They are full of stuff. You can find Tennis, Spa, Golf, wellnest center, and off course, the most lovely weather. You will love staying over there. They have some of the best Restaurant's there. You will love the food and the drinks available there.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

At the PuntaCana resort you can play golf or tennis. They also have a spa on site, and they have some restaurants. It's beautiful!


Answer by  pappukutty (38)

the special features of Punta canna resort is golf, spa and tennis. Six senses spa and wellnest centre is famous and its a world class holiday vacation.


Answer by  Phuong (24)

Punta Cann Resort can offer you the ultimate in luxury, service and adventure. staying at Punta Canna Resort means you can enjoy the best service with golf, tennis and spa, perfect dining an recreation


Answer by  JDX (133)

The all inclusive options make dining and drinking more afforable if you enjoy those things. Sandy white beaches that are secured and safe are major pluses as well.

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