Question by  Raju (23)

What are some non traditional Easter Messages to send to family and friends?


Answer by  jreidmds (221)

If you really believe in the rising of the dead of one human why not believe in re-incarnation and come back yourself.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

If you're looking for the unconventional route towards sending holiday best wishes during Easter, perhaps you could mail a pack of Jelly Beans which have a lackluster flavor. This would give your message a comedical edge.


Answer by  emmy222 (35)

You could always go super lame with "Hoppy Easter". Or something else cheesy such as hope your easter is "hoppin". Other than that I guess I can't really think of anything.


Answer by  Lrhays (53)

Happy Easter Egg Hunting. Hope its not snowing there for Easter. Dear Family and friends Jessus Has rose today did you go too Sun Rise Service.

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