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Question by  Caio (6)

What are some natural bodybuilding routines?

I don't want to hurt anything.


Answer by  spellcrafted (72)

It depends on what you mean by bodybuilding. If you're looking to get into shape without much risk for injury, doing calisthenics is a good place to start. It contains naturally low weight with high repetitions. Things like pushups and body weight squats are very useful. True bodybuilding does require actual weights, however.


Answer by  mbarundic (5)

Squats 1x 15 Power cleans 1x 15 Pull-downs 1x 15 Bench 1x15 Power cleans 1 x 15 Overhead press 1x 15 Curls 1x 15 Extensions 1x15 Power cleans 1x 15

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