Question by  jelly (23)

What are some ideas for exercise that will not strain my knees?


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

Push ups and Pull ups after a nice long swim shouldn't put any pressure on your knees and you can still burn plenty of fat since swimming is a great cardio-workout in itself and gets your heart rate up. Also If you can get on an ablounger its great for the abs and helps get rid of love handles.


Answer by  tinytim (16)

You want to stick with low impact exercises to reduce stress on your knees. Swimming as an example is a great way to exercise with no impact stress. Also using a machine like an eliptical would be a good idea. Your feet stay planted while exercising taking away all the impact stress on your knees.


Answer by  monkeymwaah (31)

Swimming is the best exercise that won't strain your joints. If you don't like doing laps, try water aerobics. A gentle beginner's yoga class might also be a good idea. Tai chi is slow moving but beneficial to the mind and the body. Walking and gentle stretching are also options.


Answer by  es (61)

You could try swimming or water aerobics. There are spas with jets that also double as hot tubs that you can put indoors or out. Elliptical trainers are supposed to be easy on knees. Also, walking on a treadmill or outdoors may be an option.


Answer by  Buf (39)

A brisk walk will provide plenty of exercise without undue knee strain. If the walk isn't energetic enough you can always carry ever increasing weight in a rucksack.


Answer by  almondjoy137 (7)

I found that the elliptical is the best solution for bad knees. It is low impact and also incorporates arms into the workout, with several variations to mix things up.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

You could always try yoga. It is good for you. You Gould also lift weights. You could fo crunches or push-ups. You could even go for a ealk. And not push your knees too hard. You could even try swimming, I am sure there are pools near you. You could even find someone to play catch with.

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