Question by  baby2010 (32)

What are some hints for playing Pokemon Leaf Green?

I love this new game.


Answer by  Munkki (7)

You shouldn't start with Charmander because you could have a hard time with opponents in the beginning. You can capture Deoxys, Ho-oh and Lugia if you visit a nintendo event, you can't get these pokemon in any other ways. There are several pokemon which you can obtain only in Leaf Green or Fire Red.


Answer by  triavalon (8)

Since Pokemon Leaf Green is a remake of the originals, It is best to start with a grass type. Grass is super effective against both the rock and water types of the first two gyms. By the time you get through those there will be chances to catch other types of pokemon. The electric and grass gyms are next.


Answer by  dtbilin (5)

Make sure to train your Pokemon equally. It is also very helpful if you stat train your pokemon by only training against certain Pokemon to maximize strength.


Answer by  K65 (5)

Magikarp are weak and often difficult to raise, but if you raise one to level 20, it will evolve into the awesome and powerful Gyarados!


Answer by  Chaps (21)

Well you should Deffeniatally catch a Snorelax It is one of the best normal type Pokemon out there I lake mine to tourynaments all the time.

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