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Question by  Pradesh (49)

What are some handy cheats for SIMS 2?

Which one is the most useful?


Answer by  gaf (42)

In order to access the cheat menu, hit Control + Shift + C. By far the most useful cheat code would be help -all This will display all the cheat codes available for the Sims 2


Answer by  Caprica (125)

To access the cheat window, first press CTRL + SHIFT + C. Typing "kaching" (without quotes) will give you $1000; "help -all" will list all cheats, "motherlode" gives you $50,000, "moveobjects on/off" will let you delete and move objects you couldn't move before, "aging off/on" turns aging on or off, and "unlockcareerrewards" unlocks career rewards.

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