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Question by  julie39 (171)

What are some graduation party games?

It is a high school graduation.


Answer by  stephaniej (7)

Post baby pictures of the graduates on a poster or board and have guests guess which picture belongs to which graduate. Tape famous intellectual people on the backs of the guests and see who can guess the person on their back by walking around and asking the other guests questions.


Answer by  jamie61 (13)

Screaming toes is for five or more people. Participants stand in a circle and have their heads down, looking at someone elses' feet. on "go!", everyone looks up at the person who's feet they were looking at. If they are making eye contact, they scream and are out.


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

It depends on where the party is being held. You could be limited if it's an indoor party. However, if it's an outdoor party, you may want to set up a volleyball net or you can have a sack race.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

I'm not sure high school seniors would want to play games at a party, they probably just want to hang out and talk to each other. Some informal guessing games might be fun. For example, have pictures of attendees out from when they were a baby or in elementary school, and people would have to guess who it is.

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