Question by  mizzou (24)

What are some good Steeler trivia questions?

I love the Steelers!


Answer by  Hank440 (36)

How many career sacks did "Mean" joe green have? Who is the 1970s Steeler receiver that famously took ballet lessons to improve his skills? How many Superbowls have the Steelers won?


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

What was the nickname given to the Steeler's defence in the 1970's? Who is the Steeler's all time leading passer? How many super bowls have the Steeler's won? What year did the Steeler's come into existance? Who is the Steeler's winning most coach? Who caught the immaculate reception?


Answer by  Riley (765)

In 1962 the Steelers finished with a 9-5 record which was the best the franchise had done. What did the Steelers do special for their first post season game that year which has never changed to this day. ANSWER: They changed their helmets from the color gold to black.


Answer by  rhaime (17)

How many superbowls have the Pittsburgh Steelers lost? How many head coaches have the Pittsburgh Steelers had? How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers picked first in the NFL draft?

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