Question by  Zed (27)

What are some fun word games?

I like Text Twist.


Answer by  mstewart986 (85)

Some of the best word games involve a board or cards. These games require more than one person, which creates more of a challenge. Such word games include but are not limited to: Scrabble, Apple to Apples, Boggle, Pass the Bomb, Typo, and Balderdash.


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

There are onlines scrabble games available which allows you to compete with other people. Also, Book Worm games are also very popular.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

IF you're talking about board games then it's hard to go wrong with scrabble, boggle, and hangman. If you're talking about computer games though there's bookworm, word mojo, and wordspector.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

As for board games, I have always been fond of Scrabble, Boggle, and Upwords. Some of these have computer versions. I also enjoy Tumblebees and Word Whomp on the computer.

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