Question by  junebug79 (4)

What are some fun swimming pool games for a kid's party?

This group is 9 and 10.


Answer by  twyla (35)

The ages of children and their swimming capabilities must be taken into account when choosing pool games but classic pool games for good swimmers include Marco Polo, relay races, treasure hunt (retrieve quarters from the bottom of the pool-the child who gets the most is the winner), monkey-in-the-middle, and of course, chicken fights for older children.


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

Relay races are always a hit with kid sthat age. Teams race on thier backs with a ball in the air in their hands. Or they can dive for rocks with money values painted on them. You can also play the swim with clothes on relay where they swim to one end and put clothes on.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

When I was young, we liked to play Marco Polo and had a lot of fun. Then there is always water volleyball and you could have relay races and other swim contests.


Answer by  Sara54 (35)

There are quite a few games that kid's would love to play at a pool party. One very popular game to play could be Marco Polo. They can even race each other to see who can swim from one side of the pool to the other side the fastest.

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