Question by  Sirerikt (17)

What are some freshwater fishing basics?

I am going freshwater fishing soon.


Answer by  bill14 (308)

You will need to first determine what the regulations are for the area that you will be fishing. You will more than likely need to purchase a license. From there, determine a target species (ideally one that is prevalent in the body of water you are fishing), choose an appropriate bait (within regulations) and an appropriate hook, line, and pole.


Answer by  giplak (22)

You have to talk to the folks at the local bait shop. You need to seek out some advice on where the fish have been biting. Maybe you have to buy from them shops first!!


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You will need a fishing rod with line and hooks. Make sure to have strong enough line to handle the size fish you want. Learn how to bait a hook.


Answer by  SammyScooter (136)

Before you take or use any bait in any waters, please check your local, state or federal regulation agencies to make sure that it is legal and that you conform to all harvesting requirements.


Answer by  evosirch72 (138)

Freshwater fishing , focuses on many of the sport fish in the United States in fresh water lakes , ponds , streams, and rivers. Much research is needed to be completed to understand the different techniques , and fish in these bodies of water to be able to succeed.


Answer by  dkr0826 (44)

You do not need complex tackle and rigging to catch most freshwater species. They also eat the same types of foods.

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