Question by  timhood (43)

What are some famous medieval castles in Europe that I can visit?

I am planning a castle trip to Europe soon.


Answer by  NerdyTech (137)

Europe has thousands of castles you can visit, so I'll just give you a very short list of what I believe to be is the list of must-see castles: Neuschwanstein Castle and Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany, Mont Saint-Michel in France, Krakow Castle in Poland and Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (Italy).


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

There are several places in The United Kingdom where you could find some famous medieval castles. On the outskirts of London and practically anywhere out on the country side.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

There are a ton in Ireland and Great Britain. Think about going to Carlise castle in Northern England. That's where they held Mary Queen of Scots.


Answer by  Kim7989 (111)

The best castles in Europe are in Germany and the U.K. in my opinion. The most astonishing one is probably the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It's looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. Then there's the Windsor Castle in London which is like a symbol of the British Monarchy.


Answer by  vfisher (345)

There are many famous medieval castles in Europe that are very important to the world's history. Some of those castles include Karlstejn Castle, Pernstejn Castle, Kyrenia Castle, Fort La Latte, Chateau de Blois, Castle De Haar, Muiden Castle, Alcazar Castle, Kronborg Castle, Moorish Castle, and many others. The best way to purchase tickets would be to contact you travel agent.


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

Berseel castle right outside of Brussels is a great side trip castle. It is in restoration, part of the castle is still in ruins and part of it looks like it could still drive off an attack. It's a relatively small castle, one of the dozen that guarded the route to the city. Make sure you check the opening times!


Answer by  posti (99)

Some great castles and fortresses in Europe are Trakai in Lithuania, not very far from the capital Vilnius. Suomenlinna Fortress Island just outside Helsinki and Gripsholm Castle in Sweden. Gripsholm Castle is also on the shore of the beautiful lake Mälaren.


Answer by  MellisaTurner (0)

Europe have many Castles but the best one without any doubt is Edinburgh Castle of Scotland. There are others too like Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome which are also among the best in Europe.

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