Question by  NicoleT (23)

What are some examples of Byzantine art?

Byzantine art is from the time period of about the fourth century.


Answer by  goldfishlady (207)

Byzantine art is usually in the form of paintings and mosaics. They are done in rich colors and tend to be iconic in theme. It is often called Early Christian Art. Lorenzetti and Cavallini are two artists from this period. Most work remains in situ.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

Probably the two most well known examples are the mosaics in the Church of St. Apollinarius in Ravenna which depicts the Emperor Justinian, Empress Theodora, and their respective groups of courtiers and servants. The mosaics are truly beautiful and very well-preserved. It's especially interesting to see the type of clothing and jewelry worn by the royalty of the time.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Hagia Sofia is one of the most famouse churches (it was turned into a mosque and then turned back). The icons with the gold backgrounds is their most famous style


Answer by  katrinab (11)

In the early days, art was found everywhere. Art was not limited to paintings. The mosaics from Hagia Sophia and San Vitale in Ravenna, their icons in the church (iconoclastic-Byzantine Iconoclasm) are only few examples of many other artworks during the Byzantine period.


Answer by  Janet98 (114)

True Byzantine art still remains in the the churches built of the byzantine era (4th century). The most famous of these is Hagia Sophia which is located in Constantonple. There aren't many surviving paintings, just mostly mosaics.

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