Question by  tasquire (29)

What are some effective low rep, high weight programs?


Answer by  moonman12 (119)

Low Rep, high weight programs are the best way to build strength and mass quickly. In general, warmups aside, try to do a compound lift for each day with 4-5 sets of less than 5 reps. You'll want a spotter for this rep range, because failure is probable. Compound lifts will provide best results.


Answer by  Steve31 (142)

The most effective program for training in low repetition ranges, low volume, and high weight is the Max-OT program by AST Sports Science. It can be found on their website as a free 12 month day-by-day procedural process to build maximum muscle in minimal time, invented by Paul Delia.


Answer by  co981co (182)

Low rep, high weight programs are good for a few things. They help you build muscle quickly and they help you burn fat fast.

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