Question by  worker7298 (22)

What are some different flower arrangement's for a wedding?


Answer by  Lissameli (115)

Incorporating feathers, pearls and pretty items into flowers are nice. Very pretty fans are lovely as well. If you have a theme, you can add some things for that theme or get rid of the flowers all together. If you have a circus theme, a tiny balloon bouquet would be cute.


Answer by  jackson36 (148)

Flower arrangements may be placed at each table at the reception in varying heights. They can be placed in glass containers, lay on the table without a container, or elaborately displayed in a combination. Flowers may be arranged in multiple color arrangements or separated by color or height. Flowers may also be arranged loosely or tightly bound.


Answer by  kz (62)

The typical flower arrangement is roses, but if you want to go for something different, i suggest going for hydrangea flowers, they are very puffy and come in various colors to match your bridal party.

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