Question by  VeganforLife (28)

What are some Cuban pastries?

How do you make them?


Answer by  mike707 (63)

Pastelitos. Made with a flaky puff dough and filled with almost any imaginable sweet or savory filling. Pastelitos can be made with freezer section frozen puff dough cut into squares and foled over your desired filling, i.e. cream cheese, into triangles and baked.


Answer by  foodie30 (93)

A simple Cuban pastry is Pastelitos- little pies. You can make them by taking any puff pastry dough, filling it with mango chutney or stewed apples, brush with a simple syrup and bake!


Answer by  DactyL (326)

Cuban pastries are known as pasteles, or pastelitos. Usually they are puffed pastries filled with a sweet desert or a savory dish.

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