Question by  Dface56 (90)

What are some clever ideas for a wedding program?

I don't want to do what everybody else is doing.


Answer by  aecarpenter (516)

You can try to go along with the theme: a scroll in a bottle for the beach, or a handmade card with custom elements.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

A good idea, if you want your programs to be original, is to base the design of them off of your wedding theme, if you have one. My cousin was married outside and her theme was simply, "Summer". Her programs were printed on neat little fans. Keeping with the theme, they also had an ice cream truck with free icecream.


Answer by  JennT (44)

Choose unique songs for different parts of the celebration. For example, you can pick a fun silly song as you are walking down the aisle as a married couple to get everyone into the spirit of the fun reception. You could also choose a fun song for the wedding party introductions.


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

I would list the bridal party, time, location, and then add something that gives like a biography of each of you. Maybe you could describe your proposal or how you all met. You could include a thank you to the guests. I even suggest maybe adding a poem that would describe your love for each other.


Answer by  Phyllis843 (141)

Include some information about the families, not just the bridge and groom. Part of the purpose of the program is to introduce members of the two families to each other.


Answer by  working (311)

Ignoring the expense part you could have a Power Point displayed in the front of the church and the program could be miniature digital photo frames that the guests could follow along with.


Answer by  lila84 (17)

One great idea is to have pictures placed down the aisle as guest walk in so they can see the journey the couple has taken from their first date on.


Answer by  TinkwithTude (17)

You can make a newspaper with the wedding ceremony outline as the article headlines. The newspaper can have details about your courtship, engagement, and family. It can also have pictures and all the other information a program would have. The newspaper can serve as a keepsake from the wedding and should be fairly cheap to produce.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

A covered bridge theme in cowbowy boots and hats To incorporate the already married people, they can take vows to renew. Incorporating one or the others hobby is also a unique idea, such as golf.

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