weight lifting


Question by  gmedich (93)

What are some big arm workouts?

I want bigger arms.


Answer by  Dru72 (13)

Find a dumbbell that you can barley do one rep with. Use both hands to help bring the dumbbell up and use one arm to lower it down slowly.


Answer by  danzig138 (50)

The appearance of size in the upper arms comes primarily from the triceps. So you want to focus on exercises that build those muscles. Cable machine push-downs, dips, and skullcrushers are your best bets for adding strength and mass to the triceps. Don't neglect the rest of you arms though, or you'll look peculiar.


Answer by  lawlwin (34)

You need to bulk up then. Do A small amount of reps with a lot of weight. If you want to tone up do alot of reps with a smaller weight.

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