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Question by  melaniehopson (45)

What are options for fixing a partial front tooth?


Answer by  rajan29 (76)

There are two options for fixing a partial front tooth. 1. Dental Implement (A Dental Implement is an artificial tooth root placed in a jaw), here only one crown is required with no extra work, and 2. Dental Bridge (A conventional way to replace the missed or broken tooth), here an impression is taken and a false tooth is created.


Answer by  GreenTema (223)

Breaking a tooth sucks. When you break a tooth, there are a few options; all of which, however, you should consult your dentist about. One option is a crown, which cover the broken tooth. If you've just broken your tooth and can get to a dentist quickly, they can often save the tooth as well.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I new a person that fixed his tooth with Crazy Glue. When he went to the dentist, he told him that he should have kept the broken part of the tooth and came to see him. Crazy Glue is poison and could have cause other problems. Put the broken tooth in water and see a dentist.


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

There are a few different options for fixing a partial tooth, all of which can and should be discussed with your dentist. Caps and crowns are a relatively quick fix to chipped and broken teeth. Fillings are used to fill the holes from deep cracks in teeth as well as cavities.


Answer by  pancakequeen (127)

When I broke my front tooth, I looked at options. You will have to get a cap. So, go to a dentist or orthdontist, ask for their payment plan and get it capped as soon as possible before you damage it even further. The procedure is painless and you will look better, too.


Answer by  Danie (993)

The best thing you can do is keep any part which came out of your mouth. It will be easier to fix if they can reattach. Make an emergency appointment with a dentist to see what can be done quickly to make the tooth look as good as it did before.

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